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Mantus Head Reel

Mantus Head Reel


Mantus Anchor Head Reels

The Mantus anchor head cylinder is designed to fit an anchor of any design and when combined with the anchor guard it provides an ideal solution for anchoring anchors.

Made of 316L stainless steel material, it has a polished bright appearance.

It has a deep grooved roller designed to align the chain to prevent chain skipping before the chain enters the capstan.

The slotted roller housing fits perfectly with the Mantus anchor's head roller roll .

Anchor guard can be easily integrated


BR1 Design: DOES NOT have top brake assembly

BR2 / BR3 Design: Includes upper brake assembly

 The upper brake assembly has two functions:

In the pressed down position, it secures the anchor to the head pulley.

In the upright position, the upper brake device controls the angle at which the anchor retracts, preventing the boat from moving away from and hitting the bow.

The Mantus anchor head roller is the smoothest, versatile head roller on the market.

For detailed product information and head reel selection, you can review the Mantus Head Reel product page.

*Anchor Protector sold separately.

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