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M2 Mantus anchors are made of high quality steel and cutting-edge precision casting. ASTM certified bolts are oversized to ensure safety. Although the bolt used in the assembly is the load bearing, only a part of the load is transmitted to the bolt. It consists of chrome M2 anchors, 2205 Duplex anchor body and 316L stainless steel base. The surface is sandblasted hardened and electro-polished to provide maximum corrosion resistance. In the galvanized M2  version, every part of the anchor is hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection. body is HT ASTM 514 steel and anchor noses are equivalent to A36 mild steel) The pointed tip of the anchor is reinforced for a lifetime of use 


Designed to fit boat bow reels and boat bow sticks.

M2 mantus anchor is designed to have unmatched holding power on dense posidonian soils. You can be sure that the Mantus anchor will hold it every time and the first time.


Easy storage feature. Whether you own a long-distance boat, racing or day cruiser, the Mantus anchor is easily disassembled and can be stored as a single or spare anchor without taking up space on the boat.


Very easy to disassemble and store due to single nut  installation

Bolted Joint M2 Anchor Blow Up.png

After the release of the Mantus M2 model, we often get the question: Which is better? Both anchors have an excellent bottoming ability and a rebound ability to dodge. Both the M1 and M2 are excellent choices for primary anchors, but each has their own small advantages. Both anchors hold well in most bottom conditions and it's rare for a properly placed anchor to go wrong, however the M1 Anchor is better at rolling on soft muddy ground due to the rollbar. While the M2 anchor has less grip on muddy, grassy ground  and does not need a roll bar, the M2 takes up less space on your boat. Thus, the M2 model has a better fit with cane bows and channel boat bow pulleys.

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