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Mantus Anchor Bracket

Mantus Anchor Bracket


The Mantus anchor bracket allows you to hang any brand anchor on the cockpit or bow rails.

The reels on the bracket firmly fix the anchor body and keep your anchor securely suspended. Tightly rotating pulleys eliminate any movement while cruising, and the anchors fit comfortably in the hanger slot.

Mantus anchor bracket is manufactured from polished 316 L stainless steel.


Compatible with all brands of anchors.


In an emergency, it is difficult to open the main anchor of the boats quickly enough, especially when the crew is understaffed. The Mantus anchor bracket allows you to have an emergency anchor hanging on the rail right next to the captain, it is always ready and ready for use at any time. It is essential to your emergency plans.

You can find detailed product information and swivel selection table on the Mantus swivel product page.

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