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  • Our swivels are made of 316 L Stainless steel, electropolished after precision casting. The pin made of duplex stainless steel is mechanically polished and electropolished 

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  • Mantus swivel is stronger than grade 40 chain. (WLL 1/5 UBS)

  • The integrated swivel lock design completely eliminates side loading, making it the safest chain swivel on the market.

  • The pin on the chain side of the swivel is the part that limits the force since the geometry of the chain determines the size of the pin. The Mantus swivel and lock design is the first swivel with a rectangular pin to maximize pin strength.

  • computer modeWith the help of handling and physical testing, we have produced the strongest swivel.

  • Innovative swivel joint body, slim hex head lock design (includes hole for safety wire) has a thinner structure and easily passes through your head reel.

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