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  • When choosing an anchor size, we usually choose based on the needs of a pleasure craft that spends most of its time at anchor. In making this selection we try to accept sustained winds (40 kts) and poor containment conditions (low viscosity substrates). Some may find these recommendations too conservative, especially when compared to size charts from other manufacturers.

  • Companies often claim superior anchor efficiency by noting that their smaller anchor size anchors will outperform their competitors with a much heavier anchor, and often use this as a marketing tool in their charts, recommending dangerously small anchors and anchor systems for their intended use.

  • Comparing the anchor surface area would be a good more accurate comparison for potential holding capacity.

  • Our anchor size recommendations are presented in the table below and are divided into 2 categories: Daily Anchor category should be chosen for lighter use (expected winds below 30 knots), and advanced use anchors for winds below 50 knots.

  • These recommendations are made assuming a worst-case scenario, a weak bottom holding, and may therefore seem conservative, but based on testing we believe our choices were correct.

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